Undergraduate Certificate Programs

The University offers a variety of certificate programs to pursue as a stand alone certificate, to complete in conjunction with a bachelor's degree, or to take for professional development. Requirements are determined by the academic department offering the certificate. Upon approval and notification to the Office of the Registrar from the academic department, awarding of a certificate is listed on the transcript. Actual certificates of recognition may or may not be issued by the academic department. Contact the academic department offering the certificate program for more information, including application procedures. For information regarding VA certification of certificate programs, please contact the Military and Veteran's Resource Center (MVRC).  The following certificate programs are credit-bearing and currently offered at the undergraduate level:

Business Intelligence

Career and Technical Education Program


Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Database Systems

Digital Marketing

Financial Institutions Certificate Level 1

Financial Institutions Certificate Level 2

Geographic Information Science

Geographic Information Science - Archaeology

Geospatial Computing

Human Resources

Human Resources Management

Information Security Management

Intelligence Analysis Certificate

Management Development

Public, Technical and Workplace Writing

Sales Management

Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship

Supply Chain Logistics

Technology Systems Support

Undergraduate Certificates Available at the UWF Online Campus