International Studies

Degree:Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Major:International Studies
Minor:International Studies
Department:Building 50, Room 120
(850) 474-2929
College:Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
CIP Code:45.0901
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 120

Program Contact:

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to foster understanding and analysis of world issues. Major coursework provides a broad introduction to the world emphasizing culture, history, politics, geography and economics. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are developed through the curriculum of study, as contextual knowledge is gained and contemporary problems examined. There are five International Studies tracks: Generalist, Security and Diplomacy, International Business and Economics, Cultural Affairs, and Area Studies. In the Generalist track, students take a broad spectrum of courses relating to their major.  In the Security and Diplomacy track, students focus on political science, international relations, studies of conflict and war, diplomatic relations, international law and organizations, military issues, democratization, and politics in specific countries. In the International Business and Economics track, students focus on international trade, development, business and economics. In the Cultural Affairs track, students emphasize history, anthropology, geography, world languages, and humanities of countries outside of the United States. In the Area Studies track, students pay particular attention to one region of the world, such as Europe, Latin America, or Asia. 

Program Requirements

In addition to general University requirements, students seeking the B.A. in International Studies must meet the requirements listed below.

Consult with your academic advisor for courses which may satisfy both the General Education and common prerequisites.