Degrees:Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Sport and Exercise Psychology
Certificate:Human Resources
Building 41, Room 251
(850) 474-2363
College:Usha Kundu, MD College of Health
CIP Code:42.0101
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 120

The B.A. in Psychology enables students to study human behavior. An understanding of psychological processes entails understanding the multiple influences created by the biological characteristics of the organism, the effects of learning and experience, social and cultural dynamics, and developmental change. As a scientific discipline, the study of psychology requires competence in research methodology and critical thinking. Psychology is also an applied discipline, with applications in behavioral and physical health, business, education, and law, among others. Students completing a major in psychology will be prepared to pursue a wide range of careers at the bachelor's level or to pursue advanced training in psychology or other professional schools (such as medicine and law). Students will attain a high-quality liberal arts degree focused on knowledge in the discipline of psychology, integrity in the application of that knowledge, effective project management, and excellent critical thinking and communication skills.

Contact the Department of Psychology for information concerning the Human Resources certificate or the Focus on Human Development.

Program Requirements

In addition to the University's general requirements, students seeking the B.A. in Psychology must meet the requirements listed below.

A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 is required for acceptance into the program.  A student must also maintain and graduate with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5. A minimum grade of "C" is required for PSY2012 General Psychology in order to declare a major in the program.   

A minimum grade of "C" is required for PSY 3213 (Research Methods in Psychological Science 1), and for one course in each of the Social, Learning and Cognition, Biological, Developmental, Clinical and Workplace cognate areas. No more than 6 sh credits in informal courses (directed study, practicum, field work, co-op, etc.) may be applied to fulfill the upper level Psychology degree requirements.

Students should consult with their academic advisor for courses which may satisfy both the General Education requirements and common prerequisites.

General Education

In addition to the General Education requirements listed on this page, students must satisfy all additional University requirements, including the Gordon Rule, multicultural, and foreign language requirements. With appropriate planning and coordination with an academic advisor, students may satisfy some of the general University requirements through the General Education curriculum. For a complete listing of general degree requirements, refer to the "Graduation and General Degree Requirements" section of this catalog.

Students should take STA 2023 Elements of Statistics to partially fulfill the mathematics component of General Education.

General Education Curriculum:

Common Prerequisites

State mandated common prerequisites must be completed prior to graduation, but are not required for admission to the program. See the Common Prerequisite Manual for course substitutions from Florida colleges and universities.

PSY 2012General Psychology *3
STA 2023Elements of Statistics *3
Any 1000 or 2000 level Psychology course **3
BSC 1005General Biology for Non-Majors *3

Common prerequisites which can be used to satisfy General Studies requirements



Lower Division Electives (12-24 sh)

Students must complete sufficient 1000/2000 level electives to satisfy at least 60 sh in the lower division. Current UWF students may use elective courses at any level (1000-4000) to meet this elective requirement. Students should take STA 2023 Elements of Statistics if not completed as part of General Education.

Upper Division Electives (18-21 sh)

Students must complete sufficient 3000/4000 level electives to meet UWF's requirement of 48 semester hours in the upper division or complete all major requirements at the 3000/4000 level, whichever is greater.

Major Related ** (0-3 sh)

STA2023  Elements of Statistics

**If not completed at the lower division