Application for Graduation

Bachelor and Associate degree candidates: Students should follow the instructions for Applying for Graduation, and also the Graduation Guide.

Students applying for a certificate should also follow the steps for Applying for Graduation. Awarded certificates will be listed on the student's academic transcript.

Applications for Graduation are submitted for the term in which the student is completing their degree requirements.  All applications must be submitted during the application period. Specific dates are noted in the Academic Calendar. Students who miss the deadline should contact their academic department to determine eligibility and to request a late submission. Students submitting a late application risk not being included in the commencement program and important graduation communication.


Commencement ceremonies at UWF are held twice a year, at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, for students graduating with baccalaureate, master, specialist, and doctoral degrees only. Associate of Arts and certificate candidates are not permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Participation in commencement does not guarantee that all graduation requirements are complete and that your degree will be conferred. An “Application for Graduation” must be completed/submitted by the date stated in the Academic Calendar in order to participate in commencement. Students will receive information about graduation through their student e-mail accounts. Commencement information is also available on the web at

Summer Graduation

Students who plan to graduate in the summer should apply for summer graduation only. Summer graduates can elect to walk in either the Spring ceremony before or the Fall after graduating. Your name will appear in the Spring Commencement program as a prospective graduate and then in the Fall Commencement program as a graduate. 

Graduation Process

Degree Requirements

All degree requirements must be complete by the last day of the semester for which the graduation application is submitted. Students whose graduation application is denied for any reason or do not meet the requirements for graduation must submit a new application for the semester in which the requirements are met.

Good Standing Status

A student must be in good standing to receive a UWF degree. Accordingly, any student who is subject to suspension or probation for scholastic or disciplinary reasons will not graduate until the conditions of suspension or probation have been satisfied.


The Office of the Registrar will begin reviewing potential graduates approximately one week after grades are due. Awarding of degrees should be completed approximately one month following the review. Once your degree has been posted, your unofficial and official transcript will reflect this information. Be sure to review the step-by-step instructions for viewing your degree(s).

Please refer to the Baccalaureate Honors portion of the catalog for specific information used to determine baccalaureate honors. Be aware, honors indicated on the commencement program are tentative since current semester courses are not included.


Diplomas will be mailed to the diploma mailing address indicated on your graduation application approximately four (4) - six (6) weeks after graduation. Diploma mailing address changes must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar or by e-mail to All financial holds, including Exit Interviews, must be cleared before the diploma will be released.

Replacement diplomas are available for order by completing the Diploma Replacement Request.

Degree Conferral

Degree conferral only occurs three times each year, after the conclusion of the fall, spring, and summer terms. The conferral date is the date which will be posted on the official transcript and the diploma. This is the date when the degree is considered officially awarded. A degree is a credential. There are three documents that provide evidence of that credential: an official transcript, a diploma, and a formal letter of completion from the Office of the Registrar.  

UWF degrees will not be posted on the student’s record until the official degree conferral date has been reached for the semester in which the degree is being awarded. Completion of all requirements prior to the official degree conferral date will not result in an early conferral of the degree. A student in this situation may request an official “Early Certification of Degree Letter” from the Office of the Registrar showing pending conferral of the degree. The degree will be conferred for the term in which the requirements are completed.

Degree Verification Process

To confirm that a degree has been awarded, the most common options are through use of the official transcript or, for students, receipt of the diploma. In addition, many employers access the Degree Verification process through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Posthumous Baccalaureate Degree

To be considered for a posthumous degree, generally undergraduate students shall have successfully completed at least eighty percent of the chosen UWF degree program, be in good standing at the University of West Florida, and have met the University of West Florida degree residency requirements. The student’s academic department must initiate the request for a posthumous degree through the Provost’s Office.