After Admission

Apply for Financial Aid

Refer to information on Financial Aid.

Apply for Housing

Refer to information on Housing.

Apply for Military and Veterans Benefits

Refer to information on Military and Veterans Benefits.

Mandatory Immunization Health History Form

The University of West Florida (UWF), in compliance with Florida Statute (1006.69) and Florida Board of Governors Regulations (6.001 & 6.007), requires that all students complete the UWF Mandatory Immunization Health History Form and upload their shot records prior to matriculation or registration. This process is completed by accessing the Immunization Status app in MyUWF

It is requested that the UWF Mandatory Immunization Health History Form is completed prior to registration for timely processing. Late, incomplete, or inaccurate information may delay registration.

A single sign-on process will be available through their MyUWF account. Refer to the UWF Student Health Services website for more information.

Immunization Exceptions/Waivers

Fully online students who will not be taking any courses on a UWF campus or location are not required to provide proof of immunization but should submit a waiver through the MyUWF Immunization Status App. If the student enrolls in a face-to-face course or has to come on campus for any reason, the student will be required to submit the required immunization documentation through MyUWF, Immunization Status app.

Refer to information on the Student Health Services website regarding Immunization Exceptions and Waivers.

Submission of Documentation

The immunization verification process is completed by accessing the Immunization Status App in the MyUWF student portal. Students will be directed to complete the UWF Medical History Form and upload their shot records in the app.


New students may check their admission status through MyUWF at Once admitted, students may also check their financial aid status and register for classes through MyUWF.

Register for Classes

Refer to information on Registration Policies and Procedures. A Registration Checklist to assist with the registration is also housed on the Office of the Registrar website.

Obtain Nautilus Card

All Pensacola campus students are required to purchase a Nautilus Card

Obtain Parking Permit

Parking a vehicle on campus requires a parking permit which can be purchased online through the "Parking Transaction Portal" in MyUWF.

Confirm Residency for Tuition Purposes

Refer to information on Residency.

Pay Tuition and Fees

Refer to information on Tuition and Fees.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

The University seeks to provide an environment which encourages the thoughtful development of intellectual, social, and moral standards. Students' conduct is expected to be lawful and not violate federal, state, local laws, County, or municipal ordinances. In addition, students are expected to abide by all Board of Governors or University regulations, or policies ( Refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the UWF Student Handbook for more information.

Student Code of Conduct

The University seeks to provide an environment which encourages the thoughtful development of intellectual, social, and moral standards. Student conduct is expected to be lawful and students are expected to abide by all University regulations and the Student Code of Conduct.


All students may bring grievances to the attention of University personnel and they will receive prompt and fair disposition of grievances as outlined in the Appeals and Grievance Process section of the Student Handbook.

Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

The University is dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who interact in our community. In continuing to build and maintain a diverse environment, UWF strives to attract students, faculty, and staff from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences. The University is committed to ensuring that each member of the University community is permitted to work and study in an environment which is free from discrimination and harassment based on the following protected classes: age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, race, religion, and veteran status and which is free from prohibited retaliation, as described in the policy (below).

Guidance, support, and assistance concerning discrimination are available from the Office of Human Resources. Any student believing they have been harassed may bring complaints to the Office of Human Resources.

Full University Policy: P-13.09-2/20 Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Use of Instructional Space and Resources

University facilities and equipment are intended primarily for the use of the faculty and students currently enrolled in courses of instruction. Students who have completed registration, including the payment of fees for the current semester, and whose names appear on the final class rolls, are authorized to attend classes and to use University instructional areas, facilities, equipment, and designated services. Students, including those continuing work on theses and dissertations, who are not enrolled for the current semester, are not authorized to use instructional space and resources. Students may not attend classes, including use of instructional space, facilities, designated library services, and equipment, for which they have not paid fees or from which they have withdrawn.

New Student Orientation - Freshman and Transfer Students 

Refer to information on Orientation.

New first-time-in-college (freshmen) students must attend new student orientation in order to register for classes. New transfer students have the option to complete a virtual orientation session, but it is not mandatory in order to register for classes. For additional information, please see the Orientation website. Please use the Student Schedule Organization Tools for assistance with organizing your schedule.

Academic Advising

Refer to information on Progress to Degrees and Academic Advising