A student is allowed no more than six individual course withdrawals (three courses at the upper level and three courses at the lower level) and no more than two individual course withdrawals for a single course. Once the limit has been reached, the student must receive a grade for the course. For a third attempt in an individual course, the student must receive a grade. Exceptions are allowed for medical withdrawals and withdrawals for military purposes, or as approved by the University.

As provided in the UWF Regulation 3.030 (Student Code of Academic Conduct), a student who has been found responsible for violation of the Academic Misconduct policy will not be allowed to withdraw from the class in which the violation occurred.

*UWF AC-34.04

Individual Class Withdrawal

After the drop/add period, a student may withdraw from an individual course(s) while remaining in other course(s) through approximately the thirteenth week of instruction of any fall or spring semester. A grade of “W” will be assigned during this period. Refunds are not issued for individual course withdrawals. Students may process withdrawals online through the "Registration Menu" app in MyUWF.

Students are encouraged to consult with their Advisor prior to withdrawing from classes and to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Student Accounts for questions regarding fee liability and financial aid awards.

Students who withdraw are not enrolled in the class as of the date the withdrawal is processed. Enrollment status (i.e. full-time, part-time) will be adjusted based on the date of withdrawal. Withdrawals count as an attempted course for repeat course surcharges and excess hours. Individual class withdrawals may not be processed after the published deadline(s) in the Academic Calendar. Students who do not officially withdraw will be assigned a standard letter grade reflective of their performance in the course. 

**Passed by UWF Faculty Senate on 02/10/2017

Withdraw from All Courses (University Withdrawal)

Most students can process withdrawals from their final course (considered a University Withdrawal). However, certain populations of students may require administrative review. Students withdrawing from all courses prior to the end of the 13th week of a full semester will receive a grade of “W."

Withdrawal from all courses in all parts of term during the first four weeks of the semester receive a partial refund. Withdrawals after the 13th week of a full semester are considered only by appeal.

Withdrawal from all courses does not prevent registration for future terms. Students are not required to apply for readmission unless they have not enrolled at UWF for three or more consecutive academic semesters (including summers). Students are encouraged to consult with their Advisors before withdrawing from classes and to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Student Accounts for questions regarding financial aid awards and fee liability. Students who withdraw from all classes are considered not enrolled as of the date the withdrawal is processed. Enrollment status will be adjusted based on the date of withdrawal.

**Passed by UWF Faculty Senate on 03/01/2017

Withdrawals for Active Duty Military Service

In the case of a student called to active duty military service or change of orders due to military conflict within the semester, the student must contact the Office of the Registrar, Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC), provide a copy of military orders, and follow the withdrawal process and withdrawal deadlines, as noted on the Academic Calendar. Grades of "W" will be awarded if approved. Regarding tuition, students may also elect to follow the Fee Appeals process.

Administrative Withdrawal

The University administration has the ability to withdraw a student from a single course, multiple courses, or the University, and to revoke that student’s registration at any time during a semester or term for failure to comply with academic requirements including, but not limited to:

  • students whose attendance is not confirmed through the attendance confirmation process
  • students demonstrating unsatisfactory academic and course engagement through Early Warning* defined by one or more of the following: 
    • having missed an excessive amount of scheduled class time as defined by individual faculty member's syllabus,
    • being mathematically unable to pass the course due to missed material which might be the result of assignments not turned in or assignments not completed with sufficient academic achievement as a result of poor attendance patterns—i.e. missing too much material and/or too many in class opportunities to earn points,
    • failing to maintain routine log-in and academic engagement activity during each week for online courses, or
  • violation of university policies or emergency situations including but not limited to:
    • a situation/condition which causes the student to be unable to meet institutional requirements for admission and continued enrollment,
    • poses a significant danger or threat of physical harm to the student or to the person or property of others.

Students who are administratively withdrawn from a single course, multiple courses, or the University:

  • are not eligible for a tuition refund for the course and
  • receive a “W” grade if the withdrawal occurs prior to the final deadline for withdrawal in a term/semester. The “W” grade does not affect a student’s grade point average.

Administrative withdrawals may have implications on a student's Financial Aid award and satisfactory academic progress. Students will be given a notification (email) of withdrawal and will have seven (7) days to request that the withdrawal be reversed if the student would like to remain in the course. Faculty are responsible for providing feedback during the three required checkpoints during Early Warning, and will not be involved in the process or held responsible for dropping students that may potentially fail a course.

When students are administratively withdrawn from a course, a final grade of "W” will be entered into their academic record.

*Early Warning does not apply to Graduate Students

**Passed by UWF Faculty Senate on  March 10, 2017

Medical Withdrawals

The Medical Withdrawal Committee provides a university-wide forum for the review of university-level requirements including, but not limited to students that have a need to withdraw from one or more classes at the university due to medical reasons (mental health, chronic illness, etc.)

Any student appeal regarding a medical withdrawal at the university level must be addressed by the Dean of Students Office.

  • Appropriate supporting documentation must accompany the appeal (i.e. documentation from a health care provider of any type must be on provider letterhead and include signature and contact information).
  • Documentation must include diagnosis, prognosis, and recommendations.
  • Documentation should note the functional limitations, if applicable.
  • Hospital bills, full medical records, insurance papers, and x-ray results are NOT acceptable forms of medical documentation.
  • Requests for prior semester appeals must be submitted within six (6) months of the end of the semester for which the academic appeal is being requested.

Note: The Medical Withdrawal process only reviews the health conditions of a student and not the conditions of a student's immediate family members.

Students will be notified in writing (or email) within fifteen (15) business days (excluding holidays and University closings) that their appeal has been received and if additional information is needed. When all documentation is received, the Medical Withdrawal Committee will consider the appeal at the next regularly scheduled meeting and issue a decision within fifteen (15) business days.

Appeals that are submitted at the end of the semester, or withdrawals approved retroactively for a previous semester, will generally not be considered for a refund of tuition.

*Appeals of the decision of the Medical Withdrawal Committee lies with the Academic Appeals Committee but can be deferred by the committee to the Dean of Students and/or Provost (or designee) for final action. Appeals must be in writing and submitted within ten (10) days of notification of review and decision. The Medical Withdrawal Committee makes recommendations to the Academic Appeals Committee and/or University Registrar for policy revisions on the basis of case experience.

Questions regarding the medical withdrawal process may be directed to the Dean of Students Office or the Office of the Registrar.

Withdrawal Appeal Policy

A request for a late withdrawal (individual class or university, past the published deadlines) is considered an appeal for a waiver of a university policy or regulation and must be reviewed by the Academic Appeals Committee. Final authority for waivers of academic university regulations rests with the Academic Appeals Committee. The Office of the Registrar reports the Committee's decision and has no authority to influence any decision.

Withdrawal appeals may be approved only for the following reasons (which must be documented):

  1. A death in the immediate family
  2. Serious illness of an immediate family member
  3. A situation deemed similar to numbers 1 and 2
  4. Withdrawal due to Military Service (Florida Statutes 1004.07)
  5. National Guard Troops Ordered into Active Service (Florida Statutes 250.482)

Students who are requesting a withdrawal appeal must submit the following in order for the appeal to be considered by the Academic Appeals Committee:

  • Appeal for a Late Class Withdrawal form which must include the recommendations (in order) of the advisor, instructor, and department chairperson of the course. If the instructor is no longer at UWF, the department chairperson can sign for the instructor. A separate form is required for individual courses, or one form may be submitted for a University Withdrawal.
  • A one-page typed statement fully explaining the reasons for the appeal; the statement should include the course of events in chronological order with dates specified, what prevented your academic success in the course, and why you did not withdraw by the withdrawal deadline.
  • Documentation which supports your reasons to appeal:
    • All documentation is subject to verification.
    • Medical documentation should be submitted from a health care provider, psychologist, or counselor on official letterhead. The documentation should include the nature and duration of the illness/personal problems during the semester in question, the dates of services provided, and the provider's signature.
    • Documentation of a death would include a death certificate or obituary stating the relationship of the deceased to the student.
    • Appeals will not be considered without documentation.

Appeals for Fee Refunds

The University Fee Appeals Committee operates under the direction of the University Controller and addresses requests for relief in fee related matters, such as but not limited to:

  1. requests for refund of fees assessed for late registration, late payment, and/or reinstatement;
  2. requests for waiver of such fees; or
  3. requests for refunds upon withdrawal.

The University Registrar and the University Controller have authority to waive fees and to approve specific categories of appeals concerning their areas of responsibility without convening the Committee. However, no appeal will be denied without the review of the Committee.

Fee Appeals should be addressed to the Cashier's Office in Building 20E. Appeals will be considered by the Fee Appeals Committee for documented, extenuating circumstances.

Students may be allowed to withdraw from a course or the University (all courses) with a full refund of tuition fees for the following situations (documentation required):

  1. Call to active military duty or enlistment in active military service (copy of official orders or letter signed by commanding officer on official military letterhead required).
  2. Death of the student or death in the immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling—copy of obituary notice or death certificate required); or
  3. Student’s illness of such duration and severity, as confirmed in writing by a physician, that completion of the term is precluded.

Withdrawal from courses at the University does not automatically relieve the student from fee payment liability in the case of deferred payment status such as VA notes, tuition loan notes, and financial aid pending status.

Students in a deferred status should consult the Cashier’s Office regarding fee liability. 

See the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines including summer and short term dates.

*UWF FIN-08.03