Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts (A.A.): General Degree Requirements 

Per s.1007.25 (10), students at UWF may request an Associate of Arts degree if they have successfully completed the minimum requirements.  

The general A.A. degree is available to students who have met the following requirements (s.1007.25 (7)):

  • Completed at least 60 semester hours of coursework
  • Completed 36 semester hours of UWF's general education coursework
    • Fulfilled the Gordon Rule Writing and Mathematics requirements
  • Completed at least 30 semester hours of those 60 semester hours in residence at UWF
    • Fifteen semester hours of the 30 semester hours in residence must be taken from the list of UWF General Education courses (contact First Year Advising for details)
  • Have an institutional UWF GPA of at least 2.00
  • Completed the admissions foreign language requirement pursuant to s.1007.262
  • A degree will not be awarded for a student on academic probation or suspension
  • A.A. degree candidates must be admitted and enrolled at UWF in a degree-seeking status within the last five years of the date the degree is awarded.

Students should contact their academic advisor to determine the minimum number of hours and courses in which to enroll. Students who need to be readmitted will be required to meet the degree requirements of the current catalog.

Students who meet these requirements, are currently enrolled, and have not previously been awarded an associate's degree elsewhere may be eligible to automatically receive the A.A. degree.  Students should refer to the Applying for Graduation information for additional steps. The A.A. degree will not be awarded in the same semester that the baccalaureate degree is awarded or in any semester following the completion of the baccalaureate degree.