Appeal of Admission Denial

Denial of Undergraduate Admission to the University

Undergraduate applicants who are denied admission to the University may appeal the admission decision. Appeals are encouraged if an applicant believes the decision was inequitable because of some extenuating circumstance or revealed data that is now available for consideration. Appeals are reviewed by the Admissions Appeals Committee.  All decisions rendered by the committee are final. Applicants should consult the appeal procedures spelled out in UWF REG 3.001 Admission Standards for First Time in College Student Applicants and UWF REG 3.032 Undergraduate Admission Standards for Transfer Students and submit an Admissions Decision Appeals Form.

Denial of Admission to Limited Access Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Applicants who have been denied admission to a limited access bachelor’s degree program at the University may appeal, in writing, to the appropriate college dean by the first day of classes of the semester for which admission was requested.