Readmission to Master's and Specialist Programs

Graduate students not in attendance for three or more consecutive academic semesters (including summer semester), but less than five years, must complete the "Application for Readmission" and provide any required documentation. The application must be submitted according to admission deadlines stated on the Graduate School page for the program and semester to which the student is reapplying. The Application for Readmission does NOT include an application processing fee.

Readmitted students will have their official catalog year automatically updated to the catalog year in effect at the time of re-enrollment. Readmitted students also have the option of changing their catalog year to the catalog year in effect at the time of graduation.

Official transcripts from each college or university attended since previous enrollment at UWF must be submitted to the Graduate School prior to readmission. If a student is currently enrolled at another institution, the final transcript must be submitted when the term has ended. Readmission is not automatic and is at the discretion of the Graduate School and graduate program's home department.

Graduate students who last attended their graduate program five years ago or more must reapply to their program using the regular graduate application for admission.

Readmission to Doctoral Program

Doctoral candidates who do not attend three consecutive semesters must formally reapply to the University and to the program. Readmission to the doctoral program is at the discretion of the program's admissions committee.