Academic Standing

Academic Standing

Academic Probation, Suspension, Reinstatement, and Dismissal for Undergraduate, Graduate and Non-Degree Seeking and Faculty Senate policy approval on 10/2013, Academic Standing is a formal notice of a student's academic progress.  The rules are intended to define what is expected of students and give them an opportunity to meet the University's academic expectations.  At the end of each semester (fall, spring, summer), each student's academic standing is reviewed for action.

Students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) on all work attempted at The University of West Florida. The rules are intended to define the University’s academic expectations, alert a student of the need to improve academic performance and give them an opportunity to meet the University’s academic expectations. Academic standing rules apply to all students, including non-degree students.

Students are advised that these are minimum GPA requirements for continuing at the University; to meet program graduation requirements, higher grade point averages may be needed.

Academic Standing rules are applied at the end of each semester after grades are submitted.  At the end of each primary semester (Term 1) the Academic Standing is calculated. This calculation is based on the cumulative GPA hours and UWF institutional GPA.  Academic Standing is calculated at the career level (i.e. Undergraduate, Masters, Specialist, Doctoral), not at the program level.

*UWF/REG 3.008