Business Economics

Degree:Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.)
Major:Business Economics
Specializations:Comprehensive Economics
Global Economics
Minor:Business Economics
Department:Building 53, Room 120E
(850) 474-2652
CIP Code:52.0601
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 120

The B.S.B.A. in Business Economics is an included program in the University's accreditation by AACSB International.

The B.S.B.A. in Business Economics is for students interested in economics as it applies to business and government organizations. The program provides students with a comprehensive view of the area of economics in business, allowing them to apply a set of analytical tools to understand the interrelations between the economy and the business environment under different market conditions.

Economics majors develop technical and analytical skills needed for policy oriented decisions in local and global markets, often based on analysis of fundamental resource allocations issues. Economists work in a broad range of areas that include in-depth inquiries, including the following: business strategy (Should we expand into a new market?); societal policies (What is the best way to fight environmental pollution?); and global issues (What rules should govern trade among nations?). Further inquires are conducted into how trade is affected by the elimination of tariffs and quotas. Students in the B.S.B.A. in Economics actively participate in small projects, such as data analysis and forecasting, intended to provide them with hands-on experience in managerial decision making. Specific topics include healthcare, crime, finance, production, international trade, labor, taxation, politics, the environment, pricing strategies, regulation and deregulation, data analysis and forecasting, and many others.

Many Economics graduates choose to attend graduate school, thereby enhancing their career opportunities. A major in Economics provides outstanding preparation for the M.B.A. degree, and an Economics degree is regarded as an excellent background to study Law or to pursue a Master’s in Economics.

Economics students may choose from the following specializations: Comprehensive Economics and Global Economics.

Program Requirements

In addition to general University requirements, students seeking the B.S.B.A. in Economics must meet the requirements listed below. A minimum course grade of “C” is required in all College of Business prerequisites, major, and major-related courses.

Students should consult their academic advisor for courses which may satisfy both the General Education requirements and common prerequisites.