English, M.A.

Degree:Master of Arts (M.A.)
Specializations:Creative Writing
Building 50, Room 211
College:Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
CIP Code:23.0101
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 33-36

The Master of Arts in English program at UWF is home to a vibrant community of scholars and creative writers who are passionate about the study of literature, discourse, and print culture. The degree offers an opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors and to pursue individual research interests. Small class sizes (strictly limited to 20 students) are the norm.

Graduates of the M.A. program in English are highly successful writers, speakers, presenters, leaders, and educators who possess excellent analytical and communication skills. The M.A. in English can help advance the career goals of students who are interested in:

  • developing critical thinking and writing skills to enhance any profession
  • publishing
  • editing
  • creative writing
  • not-for-profit administration
  • establishing teaching credentials for private and public education
  • pursuing the Ph.D. in English
  • training, technical writing
  • journalism

Some students may also wish to pursue the degree for purely philosophical reasons.  The study of literature provides exposure to the world of ideas and the aesthetics of the written and printed word. Courses in the program cover both canonical and non-canonical works of fiction and nonfiction. Courses also provide broad exposure to texts from a wide range of historical periods and cultures. Students interested in the program are welcome to visit the department and meet with faculty to discuss individual research interests and career goals.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the University graduate admission requirements described in the Admission section of the catalog, the applicant must meet the following minimum departmental admission requirements for regular admission:

  • Minimum score on one graduate admission test as follows:
    • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Verbal score of at least 153 and Analytical Writing score of at least 4.5 or equivalent GRE percentile performance under the old testing platform
    • Miller Analogies Test (MAT) scaled score of at least 413
    • The GRE/MAT requirement will be waived if:  the applicant holds an undergraduate degree in English from an accredited university with an institutional GPA of 3.5 or higher; the applicant has completed a master's or doctoral degree in any humanities or social science field with an institutional GPA of 3.5 or higher; the applicant holds an undergraduate degree in any humanities field with a GPA of 3.7 or higher; the applicant has an undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited university in any field, an institutional GPA or 3.5 or higher, and three or more years of experience as a teacher of English or in a writing-intensive field (journalism, technical writing, etc., to be approved by the department chair)
  • Minimum of 20 semester hours of undergraduate work in English at the junior/senior level.  This requirement may be waived under special circumstances.  Contact the department for more information.
  • Submission of two-page statement of purpose that details intellectual and professional goals and describing how the MA in English at UWF will help fulfill those goals
  • Submission of three letters of recommendation from former instructors or, in certain instances, current employers or colleagues who can speak to the applicant's critical thinking and writing skills
  • Submission of a writing sample (at least 2500 words of literary analysis for those interested in literary study or 2500 words of fiction/non-fiction prose or 10 poems for those interested in the creative writing program)

Students applying for graduate admission may be considered for scholarship, fellowship, and assistantship opportunities.  Application deadlines for those wishing to apply for these opportunities are posted on the Graduate School website.

Students who meet other requirements, but lack some of the required undergraduate preparation, may be granted provisional admission to the M.A. program. All students admitted provisionally must satisfactorily complete specific requirements stipulated by the departmental graduate committee before full admission.

Degree Requirements

The M.A. in English is a program of advanced study of English language and literature.  There is both a thesis and a non-thesis track to the completion of an M.A. in English. In addition to the general University requirements, students seeking an M.A. in English in both the thesis and a non-thesis track must meet the following requirements. The M.A. in English requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of course work, 18 semester hours of which must be in courses at the 6000 level. Students completing 18 semester hours of course work at the 6000 level with a grade point average of 3.5 or above are eligible for the thesis track. Students lacking the grade point average minimum may petition the chair of the department to be allowed to pursue the thesis track. Students petitioning the department chair for entrance to the thesis track are required to have a letter of support from a member of the graduate faculty in the Department of English. After they have completed 30 semester hours of graduate level work, M.A. candidates in the thesis track are required to begin the thesis process by registering for ENG 6971 Thesis. After they have completed 30 semester hours of graduate level work, M.A. candidates in the non-thesis track must complete an additional six semester hours of course work.

At the time of admission, students will indicate their choice of a program specializing either in literature or in creative writing and, after 18 semester hours of coursework at the 6000 level, declare whether they intend to pursue the thesis or the non-thesis track.

Topics courses with different areas of emphasis may be repeated for a maximum of nine semester hours of credit with the permission of the graduate advisor.

Before graduation, students must satisfactorily complete the required 30 semester hours of course work. Students in the thesis track must also complete 3 semester hours of thesis. Students in the non-thesis track must complete an additional six semester hours of course work.

A grade of C or better is required for all coursework to be applied to the degree program.

Students in both the thesis and non-thesis tracks must demonstrate reading competency in one foreign language. This competency may be demonstrated in one of two ways:

  1. Students pass a reading knowledge examination designed and administered by the department. Such an exam would ask students to demonstrate a clear understanding of a page from a text in a language other than English in two hours. Those taking the examination would be able to use an English/X dictionary.
  2. Students unable to pass the reading knowledge examination would then have the option to fulfill the reading knowledge requirement by taking a course focused on reading knowledge in a language other than English at UWF. Students must complete the course with a grade of "B" or higher to complete the reading knowledge requirement.

American Sign Language, Old English, and ancient Greek would not be acceptable languages to meet this requirement. Foreign language credits cannot be used to fulfill M.A. degree requirements.