Professional Education Minor

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College:Education and Professional Studies

The Minor in Professional Education for secondary students is designed to provide non-education majors with the course work that—in conjunction with successful completion of Florida Teacher Certification Examinations, one year of successful teaching experience, and successful completion of a district-approved competence demonstration program for first year teachers—allows for converting a three-year non-renewable temporary certification to a five-year renewable professional certification for secondary teachers. Coursework meets the requirement of the Professional Training Option and is consistent with the program requirements of Florida Department of Education Administrative Rule 6A-5.066 (Approval of Educator Preparation Programs) for secondary teachers and includes the state required Professional Preparation outlined in Florida Department of Education Administrative Rule 6A-4.006.

Program Requirements

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required to enroll in the minor. It is not required but highly recommended that students pass the General Knowledge, Professional Education, and one Subject Area Exam of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, which are required for Florida Teacher Certification. Students must receive a minimum of C- in any course for it to count toward the minor.

Prospective teachers are expected to adhere to the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida and national standards of conduct associated with professional, accreditation, and state agencies. 

Requirements for teacher education programs may change due to legislative mandates. Therefore, the actual program requirements may differ from those listed in the catalog. Candidates must inquire with the Chair or an advisor in the Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership to obtain the most current program requirements.

The Student Affidavit and Fingerprinting Application are required before any student can be placed in a school for Field Experiences or Student Teaching. Forms are available from the local school districts.

EDF 3234Applied Foundations of Education3
EDG 4323Methods of K-12 Literacy Instruction3
ESE 4322Instruction, Management, and Assessment: Secondary Education3
TSL 4080ESOL Principles and Practices3
Choose one:3-12
Student Teaching
Secondary Practicum
Choose one content area (note: content area course requires advisor approval to ensure correct placement):3
Language Arts Education
Teaching Language Arts in the Middle and Secondary Schools
Mathematics Education
Teaching Mathematics in Middle and Secondary Schools
Science Education
Teaching Science in Middle and Secondary Schools
Social Science Education
Teaching Social Studies in the Middle and Secondary Schools