Degree:Bachelor of Arts B.A.
Minors:General Communication
Leadership Communication
Strategic Communication for the Sciences
Department:Building 36, Room 178
College:Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
CIP Code:09.0102
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 120

Effective communication is vital to the success of any organization. The Department of Communication empowers students to creatively manage professional communication challenges. Graduates learn to speak effectively, write clearly, communicate persuasively, solve problems, lead, and practice professional ethics. The program for majors in the Department of Communication consists of 39 credit hours.

Department students have been recognized in a resolution by the State of Florida House of Representatives, won the State Advertising Championship seven times, won more than 100 ADDY Awards for Creative Excellence, won a National Forensic Association Championship, received numerous accolades from the Southeast Journalism Conference, and been recognized with the Florida Public Relations Association's Golden Image Award multiple times. The Department of Communication provides students opportunities to extend their classroom education with hands-on skill-building through internships and involvement with The Voyager, UWF Forensics, and a multitude of community engagement opportunities.

Program Requirements

Students who are majors in the Department of Communication must complete the Department of Communication core. The 12-hour core consists of the following courses: 

SPC 2608Basic Communication Skills +3
COM 2713Writing for the Communication Professions +3
COM 2203Communication Dynamics +3
COM 4301Communication Research +3
Total Hours12

A maximum of 12 sh of lower division course work in the Department of Communication may be applied to degree requirements. No grade below a C minus in a Department of Communication course may be applied toward graduation.

A minimum grade of "C" is required for SPC 2608 Basic Communication Skills and COM 2713 Writing for the Communication Professions.

Internships for a maximum of 3 sh are available in a variety of settings.

Students must take 18 hours of lower-division courses outside their major beyond the 36 sh of General Education requirements. Students must complete sufficient 1000/2000 level electives to satisfy at least 60 sh in the lower division. Current UWF students may use elective courses at any level (1000-4999) to meet this elective requirement. 

Students must complete a minor or its 15 sh equivalent in a field related to the student’s career objectives and additional approved 3000/4000 level electives outside the Department of Communication. Students must complete sufficient 3000/4000 level electives to meet UWF’s requirement of 48 semester hours in the upper division. 

The department offers three minors for students from other disciplines in which communication plays a vital role. The minor in Communication consists of 15 sh of Department of Communication courses. 

The minor in Leadership Communication promotes leadership communication competencies, self-confidence, ethical character, and service to others. The program involves hands-on learning activities that empower students to apply and to develop leadership skills in a range of university, community, and professional environments. 

The minor in Strategic Communication for the Sciences promotes competencies in developing communication strategies, tactics and messaging of scientific knowledge for general audiences.  Scientific illiteracy is a significant problem amongst the American public which may lead to increased politicization of scientific issues, misuse or misinterpretation of data, and poor or inaccurate media coverage.