Biomedical Sciences

Degree:Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Major:Biomedical Sciences
Building 58C, Room 104
College:Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering
CIP Code:26.0102
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 120

The Biomedical Sciences degree is designed to prepare students who have the goal of admission to post-graduate health professional schools. The degree is designed to fulfill the prerequisites required for students pursuing advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, biomedical sciences, etc. Students should work with their advisor and the Health Advisory Committee to create a 4 year plan that includes extracurricular activities and entrance examination preparation to strengthen their application portfolio.

Minimum grade of "C-" or better required in all courses in the program to include all Major-Related, Electives and Common Prerequisites.  Some Biology Program courses require prerequisite biology course grades of C or better.  Biology Program minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.

The number of students applying for post-graduate biomedical schools exceeds the number of positions available. Competition for these positions is intense. The most successful applicants are full-time students (minimum of 12 sh per semester) with a minimum cumulative GPA above 3.5, with shadowing, research and volunteer experience. Applicants to professional schools should take the specific entrance exam during their Junior year.

Prospective students need to be aware that some biology lab courses involve the use of live animals. Students may wish to seek details from course instructors before enrolling.