General Studies

Degree:Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.)
Major:General Studies
Department:Building 53, Room 210
(850) 474-2653
College:Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
CIP Code:30.0000
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 120

The Bachelor of General Studies degree program provides interdisciplinary study across academic disciplines and professional fields. It is designed for nontraditional students whose age, residence, academic interests, or career objectives require a more individualized university degree. The Bachelor of General Studies degree program is designed to:

  • meet the University of West Florida’s mission to provide students with access to high-quality, relevant, and affordable undergraduate learning experiences, and therefore better serve the general educational needs of region;
  • provide students an opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree while maintaining family, military, and/or employment obligations;
  • offer a degree option including studies in several disciplinary areas;
  • give students the option to complete courses at the Pensacola campus, Emerald Coast campus, and/or online; and
  • provide students an opportunity to build upon the associate of arts degrees offered by other institutions.

Program Requirements

In addition to the University’s general requirements, students must complete a minimum of six (6) hours of upper-division “lead” courses from each cognate area (Communication, Information Literacy, Problem Solving/Decision Making, and Community Leadership) for a total of 24 hours of lead coursework. Students then choose 24 elective credit hours from across the four areas of Communication, Information Literacy, Problem Solving/Decision Making, and Community Leadership. Students individualize their program when choosing their electives; they may be from one area or may be spread across multiple areas depending on their concentration. 

General Studies students consult with their advisor and choose appropriate courses within each of the four proficiency areas. They do not have to be from the same department or even the same college. As with traditional majors, students take a series of classes in the chosen area(s), including any prerequisites.

In the second to last or last semester, students must complete a three semester hour, upper-division Capstone course, which may be work- or community-related. This project serves as a culminating experience in the B.G.S. program and demonstrates the synthesis of academic contact with personal and professional goals. Students work with their instructor to submit a proposal, choose project requirements, and recommend changes when needed. A presentation of the project is required and options include the UWF Student Scholars Symposium, the Women's and Gender Studies Conference, or other symposium/conference of the student's choice.

A minimum of 60 hours must be completed at a four-year college or university.

Students seeking the B.G.S. degree must maintain a UWF and cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. A grade of "C" or higher is required in all major courses.

No more than 24% of the program requirements for this degree may be in traditional business subjects. Traditional business subjects can typically be identified as courses with the following prefixes: ACG, ECO, ECP, FIN, GEB, ISM, MAN, MAR, TAX, TRA. Students changing majors from Business to General Studies must obtain approval from the College of Business as well as the General Studies academic advisor to ensure compliance with this rule.