Admission Requirements

Admission Policies

Admission to a UWF graduate program is a selective process that is governed by University requirements and department requirements that may exceed University-level requirements. Admission decisions are based on a holistic review of credentials in which multiple criteria are used to judge the appropriateness of an applicant to pursue graduate study. Each department selects factors it considers will help predict probable success in the graduate program and may include, but are not limited to, the quality of the applicant's undergraduate or graduate preparation as determined by the undergraduate or graduate institution attended; undergraduate or graduate grade point average and performance in specific courses; scores on standardized admission tests; the motivation and attitude of the applicant as determined by a personal statement, letters of reference, and/or a personal interview or other means; and writing ability.

Preference for admission to any semester is given to students whose credentials indicate the greatest promise for academic success. Because of factors related to a department's enrollment capacity, the fact that a student meets minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to a specific program.

Admission requirements shall not include preferences in the admissions process for applicants because of race, national origin, or gender.