Grade Adjustment

Grade Changes

Grade changes will only be allowed up to the end of the following semester (defined as the last day of finals) that a student has completed a course.  Once a student has graduated from UWF, a grade change will not be allowed for courses taken before degree conferral.  Exceptions may be considered for extenuating circumstances with the required approvals.

Grades of Incomplete

An incomplete (“I”) grade signifies that all course requirements have not been met. If circumstances exist beyond the control of the student, as determined by the instructor, the following applies:

  • The instructor may assign a grade of “I,” provided the student has satisfactorily completed at least 70 percent of the course requirements and the student has a grade of at least "C–" or "S" (satisfactory) in coursework up to that point in time. Students who receive an involuntary call to active military duty should consult with their instructors.
  • The “I” becomes an “F” at the end of the next regular semester (summer excluded) unless the grade is changed by the instructor to a letter grade “A-F.” The student is responsible for contacting the department for a grade change or extension prior to the end of the last instructional day of that semester. Instructors may approve extensions only for extenuating circumstances and only for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Students receiving grades of incomplete should not re-register for courses in which an “I” has been assigned.
  • When assigning an incomplete grade “I,” instructors should complete a “Report on Assignment of Incomplete Grade.” This will assist students in understanding the requirements for completing a course, and it will provide necessary information in the event the instructor is not available to monitor the completion of the requirements.
  • An “I” grade will be converted to an “F” grade upon graduation if no other grade is submitted. Students may not graduate with an outstanding “I” grade. Graduated students having an “I,” which was converted to an automatic “F” or other incomplete grade for a course, may have the grade changed to a letter grade within one year after receiving a degree. To change the grade, the student must complete the required work, and the course instructor must submit the appropriate grade change form through the chairperson and the dean. For the purposes of honors designation*, the grade change that replaces an incomplete grade subsequent to a student’s receiving a degree will not change the student’s baccalaureate honors associated with the degree. The student’s transcript will be annotated to show that the course requirements were completed after graduation.

*Honors designation only applies to undergraduate students.

Repeated Courses

Undergraduate Students

A student may receive credit for a course only once regardless of how many times it is taken in transfer or at UWF. All attempts at UWF count in the GPA unless grade forgiveness is used (see Grade Forgiveness). Per AC-34.04, the Undergraduate Student Progress to Degree policy, the highest grade will be counted for credit. Students may not repeat a course for which they earned a grade of C or above.

Graduate Students

A student may receive credit for a course only once regardless of how many times it is taken in transfer or at UWF. All attempts at UWF count in the GPA. The most recent attempt (regardless of grade) of the course counts toward meeting degree requirements. 

Grade Forgiveness Option

Per UWF AC-34.04: Undergraduate Student Progress to Degree Policy, Grade Forgiveness and Repeat Courses Grade Forgiveness is allowed three times within the undergraduate career. Grade Forgiveness is only for students in their first baccalaureate degree and for the same UWF course for which a previous grade has been earned. Grade Forgiveness does not extend to courses taught at another institution transferred for credit at UWF. The highest grade will be counted for credit. Students may not repeat a course for which they earned a grade of C or above.

All grades will remain on the student's official transcript. The original course grade will be annotated to indicate that the course has subsequently been repeated, and the repeat course grade will be annotated on the transcript containing explanations the course was repeated. The original grade will not be computed in the GPA or included in hours earned except in a case in which the student withdraws from the repeated course or takes an incomplete grade.

The Office of the Registrar automatically applies the Grade Forgiveness to all eligible course repeats at the end of each semester, including the summer semester, after all grades are posted. Grade Forgiveness will not be processed after a student graduates.

To opt out of grade forgiveness

A student may petition to have a repeated course not be granted Grade Forgiveness by submitting a Grade Forgiveness Exception Request. Petitions must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, two weeks prior to end of the semester in which the course is repeated.

Course substitutions for grade forgiveness

A different, but similar course may be used if the course for substitution is approved by the student’s advisor, department chair and college dean. Requests must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by filling out the Grade Forgiveness Substitution Request.

Option to Rescind a Grade Forgiveness

A student may decide that an automatically applied grade forgiveness option is something they do not want utilized for a particular course. If that is the case a student should consider all effects of rescinding an applied grade forgiveness as it will affect their GPA. To request that an automatically applied grade forgiveness be rescinded the student should fill out the Grade Forgiveness Exception Request and submit it to the Office of the Registrar at for processing.

Grade forgiveness restrictions

Grade forgiveness is restricted to undergraduate degree-seeking students in their first baccalaureate degree. Grade forgiveness is limited to courses numbered 1000-4999, in which grades are recorded on an "A-F" scale, including an "NF."

As provided in UWF Reg 3.030 (Student Code of Academic Conduct), Grade Forgiveness will not be applied to a course in which a student has been found responsible for a violation of the Academic Misconduct Code resulting in a sanction of "F" in the course.

Students under the G.I. Bill

G.I. Bill students and others receiving Veterans Administration educational benefits are advised that the forgiveness of any grade other than an unsatisfactory grade must be reported to the V.A. and may result in the retroactive reduction of benefits for the semester for which the forgiven grade was originally assigned. An unsatisfactory grade may be forgiven without similar consequences. Notify the UWF Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) when utilizing the forgiveness option.