Minor in Behavior Analysis

Minor:Behavior Analysis
Department:Center for Behavior Analysis
Argonaut Village 10001 North Davis Hwy. Pensacola FL 32514
College:Usha Kundu, MD College of Health
CIP Code:51.0000
Semester Hours Required For Degree: 15

The Minor in Behavior Analysis is designed for undergraduate students who wish to complete their degree in any field which may be enhanced by a solid understanding of human behavior. Students who complete this minor are also eligible to obtain the Undergraduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis. Graduates are positioned for careers in the healthcare industry, particularly in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The minor is intended for students interested in career advancement or for those whose goal is to work in the health professions providing service to individuals and communities. This minor may also be useful for students who are preparing for graduate studies across multiple disciplines. 

Students completing the first course, HSC 3102 Health Science Essentials of Behavior Analysis, and the requisite skill documentation in the field, can sit for the national Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) exam (see the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website for additional detail) and the international Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT) exam (see the QABA Credentialing Board website for additional detail). This provides for immediate employment opportunities.

Behavior Technicians work directly with clients to implement behavior treatment plans under the guidance and supervision of a Behavior Analyst. Clients are often children, teens, or adults diagnosed with Autism or other diagnoses who may benefit from behavioral treatment. This creates the opportunity for students to gain employment in the clinical healthcare field while earning their undergraduate degree.

Upon completion of a bachelor's degree with a minor in behavior analysis, graduates will have completed the curriculum and degree requirements to apply for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) and the Qualified Autism Service Provider Supervisor (QASP-S) exams (See the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website and the QABA Credentialing Board website for additional detail and requirements).

Program Requirements

To earn a Minor in Behavior Analysis, students must complete at least 15 semester hours of upper-division courses in a planned program which includes those specified below. Any major may earn this minor. 

  • Students must be eligible to enroll in upper-division hours (3000/4000 level) at UWF
  • Students must successfully complete all prerequisite courses with a grade of 82% (B) or higher

Those who do not complete these requirements may be denied further registration and may be prevented from further enrollment in Behavior Analysis courses.

Not all states authorize online programs, if you are residing outside of Florida you will want to check the status of your state's acceptance of this program: UWF State Authorization Status.

Consult with your academic advisor for courses which may satisfy both the General Education requirements and common prerequisites.

For graduate advising regarding the Minor or Certificate, please contact the Center for Behavior Analysis, aba@uwf.edu, (850) 474-2704.

HSC 3102Health Science Essentials of Behavior Analysis +3
HSC 3114Problem Identification and Functional Assessment in Health Science 3
HSC 4720Methodology in Applied Behavior Analysis in Health Science3
HSC 4580Functional Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis in Health Science3
HSC 4654Ethical Considerations in Analysis of Behavior in Health Science *1
HSC 4936Accelerated Topics in Behavior Analysis in Health Science *2
Total Hours15

Must be taken concurrently.


Meets Registered Behavior Technician Curriculum requirement.