General Education

The General Education curriculum at UWF is designed to provide a coherent program of study that promotes the development of a broadly educated person with the basic knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their university studies and beyond.

The General Education student learning outcomes are clustered in three areas: Communication, Critical Thinking, and Integrity/Values. The General Education student learning outcomes align with more sophisticated learning outcomes at a higher level in each major. Thus, the overarching goal of General Education is to establish the initial stages of student learning that will be reinforced and developed in degree programs.

The General Education curriculum is divided into five areas: Communication, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences. The courses that fulfill requirements in those areas are listed below by discipline area.


ENC 1101English Composition I3
ENC 1102English Composition II3
Total Hours6


Choose one course from Group A and one additional course from either Group A or Group B6
Group A
College Algebra
College Algebra with Lab
Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Mathematics for Liberal Arts I
Mathematics for Liberal Arts II
Elements of Statistics
Group B
Precalculus Algebra
Precalculus with Trigonometry
Calculus with Business Applications
Analytic Geometry and Calculus II

Social Sciences

Choose one course from Group A and one additional course from either Group A or Group B6
Group A
United States since 1877
Introduction to Anthropology
Principles of Economics Macro
American Politics
General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Group B
United States to 1877
Current Cultural Issues
Introduction to Archaeology
Survey of Crime and Justice
Comparative Politics
Human Development Across the Lifespan
Western Perspectives I
Western Perspectives II
Personal Financial Planning
Nations and Regions of the World
Introduction to Business
Honors Core 2
International Politics
Principles of Mass Communication
Survey of American Law
Understanding Relationships in the 21st Century
Sport in Global Society
Current Social Problems


Choose one course from Group A and one additional course from either Group A or Group B6
Group A
Art Appreciation
Introduction to Literature
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Philosophy
Theatre Appreciation
Group B
American Literature I
American Literature II
Sex, Money, and Power in American Literature
Western Survey I: Prehistory to the Medieval Period
Western Survey II: Renaissance to Contemporary
Exploring Artistic Vision
Art and Visual Culture Today
Introduction to Creative Writing
History of English Literature I
History of English Literature II
Honors Core 1
Introduction to Poetry
The Music Experience: Special Topics
Critical Thinking
Ethics in Contemporary Society
World Religions
Survey of Dramatic Literature
Basic Communication Skills

Natural Sciences

Choose one course from Group A and one additional course from either Group A or Group B6
Group A
Descriptive Astronomy
General Biology for Non-Majors (+Lab)
Biology I
Anatomy and Physiology I
Concepts in Chemistry
General Chemistry I
Introduction to Earth Science
Introduction to Environmental Science
Introduction to Concepts in Physics
Calculus-Based Physics I
University Physics I - Studio
Algebra-Based Physics I
Group B
Biological Anthropology
General Botany
Fundamentals of Ecology
Anatomy and Physiology II
Biology II
Introduction to Oceanography and Marine Biology
Excursions in Computing
Fundamentals of General Chemistry
General Chemistry II
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Physical Geography
Physical Geology
Fundamentals of Microbiology
Informatics and Your Health
Calculus-Based Physics II
Algebra-Based Physics II

General Studies Electives

Choose an additional course from two of the three areas of Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences6