A.A. Degree Forgiveness Policy

Students who previously attended UWF, whether as degree-seeking or non-degree who subsequently earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree at another Florida public institution, have the following options.

  1. All credit earned at UWF prior to earning the A.A. degree at another Florida public institution will be excluded from the number of hours earned towards a baccalaureate degree, and from all calculations of the UWF GPA. The official academic record will reflect 60 semester hours of credit awarded and completion of the General Education and Gordon Rule requirements in accordance with the State Articulation Agreement. The UWF GPA will include only those courses completed from this point forward and the student will be in good academic standing.
  2. Credit, status, and GPA earned at UWF will remain the same. The transferable credit will be added to the total number of hours applicable to a baccalaureate degree and the A.A. degree will be posted. The student record will reflect completion of the General Education and Gordon Rule requirements.

To be eligible for this policy, the student must transfer directly from the A.A. degree granting institution to UWF. All adjusted courses will remain on the transcript as attempted credit hours, but they will not be calculated into the UWF GPA.

A.A. Forgiveness does not exclude UWF attempted credit hours from Excess Hour Surcharge. Refer to Excess Hour Surcharge.

*Faculty Senate 7/1/1999