HMG: Hospitality Mgmt Graduate



HMG 5296   Advanced Global Hospitality and Tourism Shared Economies

3 sh (may not be repeated for credit)
Prerequisite: HMG 5466 AND HMG 5506

This course offers the study of unconventional economic and social activities involving peer-to-peer based sharing of access to goods and services through transactions occurring mainly online, known as 'Shared or Access Economies'. It will focus on how these are directly affecting the global hospitality and tourism industry. Students experiment the different aspects involved, its infrastructures, the drivers and the mechanisms that make it possible, and how it impacts the present and future of our industry, by going through real case studies, research and course materials, that expand on the topic, specifically focusing on Access Economies and their influence in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Offered concurrently with HFT 4106 Global Hospitality and Tourism Shared Economies; graduate students will be assigned additional work.

HMG 5466   Hospitality Financial Analysis & Revenue Optimization

3 sh (may not be repeated for credit)

Specialized accounting techniques applicable to the hospitality industry; interpret hospitality financial statements, capital investment decision making, financial instruments and concepts; survey of revenue management and analytics related tactics, issues, and trends in the hospitality industry. Perishable inventory with variable demand necessitates effective revenue management to realize the tourism and hospitality mechanism of revenue optimization. Participation in this course will afford students the opportunity to identify and exploit the core elements of revenue management, namely forecasting, controls (pricing and allocation/optimization decisions) and monitoring. This course aims for students to establish a reasonable level of relevant analytical/technical proficiency in each one of these core revenue management elements. Within the broader area of pricing theory, additional emphasis is placed on overbooking, consumer behavior, distribution channel management, and market segmentation. Utilizing STR hospitality metrics, students will develop hotel analytical skills and the opportunity to receive the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA). Offered concurrently with HFT 4426; graduate students will be assigned additional work.

HMG 5506   Service Experience Marketing for Hospitality Management

3 sh (may not be repeated for credit)

Examine significant issues facing hospitality and tourism service providers and the successful implementation of a customer focus in service-based businesses. Course includes an overview of services marketing; understanding the customer; standardizing and aligning the delivery of services; the people who deliver and perform services; managing demand and capacity; and promotion and pricing strategies in hospitality and tourism marketing. Offered concurrently with HFT 4503; graduate students will be assigned additional work.