EGS: Engineering: Support Courses

College:Education and Professional Studies


EGS 1006   Introduction to Engineering

1 sh (may not be repeated for credit)

Introduces the student to engineering topics and guides the student toward Electrical and Computer Engineering at UWF. Students get the opportunity to interact with current engineering students and practicing engineers from various engineering fields. The student also participates in a hands-on design component. The goal of the class is to help the student make an informed choice about career alternatives.

EGS 3441   Engineering Statistics

3 sh (may not be repeated for credit)
Prerequisite: MAC 2312

Survey of the basic concepts in probability and statistics with engineering applications. Topics include probability, discrete and continuous random variables, estimation, hypothesis testing and linear and multiple regression.

EGS 4032   Professional Ethics

3 sh (may not be repeated for credit)
Prerequisite: ENC 1102

An interactive study of ethics, theory and the development of professionalism. Case studies of ethical conflicts in engineering practice. Covers engineering codes of ethics and requires students to resolve theoretical situations through application of ethical codes.