ARE: Art Education Courses

College:Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities


ARE 3905   Directed Study

1-12 sh (may be repeated indefinitely for credit)

ARE 4316C   Special Methods in Art Education

4 sh (may be repeated for up to 8 sh of credit)

Studio activity incorporating contemporary concepts in art education, instructional and resource materials, evaluation and development. Curriculum development and implementation into the concurrent practicum. Individual criticism, class discussion and classroom observation and participation in the public schools. (8hrs. observation and 8hrs. participation). Permission is required. Material and Supply fee will be assessed.

ARE 4905   Directed Study

1-12 sh (may be repeated indefinitely for credit)

ARE 4940   Art Education Internship

6-12 sh (may not be repeated for credit)

Capstone course of the Art Education Specialization. Student elects an elementary school setting, a secondary art classroom or both. All internships are limited to Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Credit hours may vary, depending on the length of the internship. Students who select the full 12-hour option should not enroll in additional coursework, or pursue employment during the Art Internship experience. Graded on Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory basis only. Permission is required.